Yoda Communication

YODA Communication is a union of independent marketing specialists with vast experience on an international scale. Our mission is to provide high-quality marketing services using the latest techniques of customer engagement and brand management.

Together with you we create and execute marketing communication strategy that emphasizes your value proposition, targets your customers and becomes an integral part of your brand’s identity, both in France and worldwide.

Our pillars


Your product can't be unique on the market, but your image can. We believe that every business merits creative approach and every brand can stand out even in highly competitive environment. Our creativity is here to serve your business and build your identity. Together.


Digital is not just your neighbour teen posting selfies to Instagram. It is a way more. It shortens the distance between you and your customer in hundred different ways. Discover - if not yet - a magnificent world of customer behavior, data analysis and precise targeting. Know your client, and your client will pay.

Business oriented

Even the brightest marketing campaign can go wrong if it doesn't reach the target audience. That's why we first seek to understand your business, your customers, their tastes, habits and types of media they consume. We apply this approach for every creation we do for you, from logo to social media advertising.

How does marketing communication work

Communication is often considered a small part of a company’s overall marketing activities related to promotion. It tends to be perceived as a stand-alone subject that can be easily outsourced. Companies come to us requiring “just create a logo”, or “a simple landing page” or “a ten-slides presentation for a particular customer” and surprisingly end up rethinking their product, target audience, key messages, and overall identity. Being a bridge between your product and your customer, communication is full of insights and – if carefully executed – brings additional clarity to your business, helps to evolve your offer, and to adjust your pricing policy. 

And that’s what makes us excited about marketing here in Yoda Communication. We believe that there is no marketing without business. We take it seriously, no matter if you only ask for a logo or need to implement and execute the entire social media strategy. We prefer long-lasting relations with every customer and invest hard in your happiness and prosperity.

Our services

You want us to guide your digital marketing campaign, or create the entire marketing strategy, you are looking for someone to simply make a logo and key visuals? It doesn’t matter where we start, Yoda Communication will do its best to complete the task and meet your expectations.





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